Lena Simic

Lena Simic, performance practitioner, born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, living in Liverpool, UK. Interested in generating an interventionist feminist arts practice which is informed by its relation to everyday lived experience.
Lecturer in Drama and Theatre Studies at Liverpool Hope University.

Lena’s most recent collaborative and solo performances include BLOOD & SOIL: we were always meant to meet… (West Everton Community Council, Liverpool 2011), Masha Serghyeevna (the Bluecoat, Liverpool, 2009), Sid Jonah Anderson by Lena Simic (MAP Live, Carlisle 2008), Joan Trial (Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster 2005), Magdalena Makeup (Art Workshop Lazareti, Dubrovnik 2004) and Medea/Mothers’ Clothes (Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool, 2004). In collaboration with Gary, Neal, Gabriel and Sid Anderson, Lena is currently co-organizing The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home, an art activist initiative run from the spare room of the family’s council house.

Currently working on 790 Recreations: a short film with Julieann O’Malley

BLOOD & SOIL: we were always meant to meet… a performance event with Jennifer Verson is available for touring. For more information check it out underneath Performance Collaborations.

Website www.lenasimic.org
Contact lenasimic@hotmail.com