Local Reality Expo

Local Reality Expo on… Hope Street by Clare Duffy

Lucy lives on Hope Street just a few steps from the Unity Theatre, Liverpool.  Usually Lucy is full of hope on Hope Street but when a gorgeous new busker starts singing her whole life changes.

“exquisite moments of insight into the profound loneliness and occasional ecstasy of the human condition”  Joyce Mcmillan on “Hope Street” at the CCA, Glasgow. The Scotsman 7.5.08

LRE is a touring process, a way to make a completely new play for each new venue. So far it has come to ‘Home Street’ at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, with Stellar Quines’, ‘Hope Street’ at the CCA Glasgow with Magnetic North ‘Market Place’ at Chapter Arts Centre with Factory Floor and on queer street at Glasgow University G12.

Hope Street will be shown during an evening of Factory Floor performances, on the 12th November 2010, at The Unity Theatre, Liverpool, as part of the Homotopia festival.



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