Titillation takes a humorous look at the post-operative body and considers who and what can be sexy after breast cancer.  Warning, this performance will feature dancing breasts, sparkly scars and gratuitous nudity.

“When I got breast cancer I watched Dirty Dancing over and over again.  Then I heard that Patrick was ill as well, pancreatic cancer.  I started to dream that we would both get better and we would dance the last dance from dirty dancing and we would do the lift!  Our bodies would be broken and battered and I am a terrible dancer (when I was 14 I got asked to leave my ballet class because I was so bad) but he was a professional dancer and “you’re a strong partner, you could lead anybody”.  So we would still do the lift and it would be triumphant and fantastic.”

And then I’m going to seduce someone…


Written and performed by Emily Underwood-Lee.

Choreographed by Kylie Ann Smith.


The show will premiere as part of the Factory Floor night at Homotopia at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool on Friday 12th November 2010.