Factory Floor’s most recent meeting was a weekend workshop & workshare in Liverpool, where we have been developing individual projects & discussing where to go next with Factory Floor…

Watch this space for more Factory Floor events, and check out the rest of the artists’ pages to find out more about the work of individual members of the FF collective…

Current Events:

Find out more in real life!
At The Nip & Tipple, Manchester
M16 0BH  Thursday 9th Feb, 7.30pm

Previous Events:

Kerstin’s Final Show Middles, Ends, Beginnings & Farewell Party, Cambridge

The Paper Dress & ‘Elvis is my Mum’, by Abi Lake, Manchester Gallery of Costume.

Girls, Girls, Girls; From Factory Floor to Homotopia, with Love

Queer family trees, 80’s jumpsuits, dirty dancing, dykes dancing & loving Liverpool…
For 1 night only Factory Floor is showing the love with 5 homo-tastic performances by 5 different women, all part of the Factory Floor collective:

Elvis is my Mum by Abi Lake
But I Just Want to Fall in Love & Work With Elephants by Caroline Wilson
Titillation by Emily Underwood-Lee
Five Fragments by Louie Jenkins
Local Reality Expo on…Hope Street by Clare Duffy 

Homotopia  http://www.homotopia.net/